QuickShift – Unique features for Job Seekers & Employers

Job Seekers get access to the latest shifts and gigs available in town and in real-time.
Employers post and/or contact prime candidates for any and all shift openings which they are ready to fill.
Employers and Job Seekers can by-pass or reduce standard interviews to start working together right away.

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QuickShift Post:
  • Shift postings are very specific. Each shift has a specific start-time and end-time.
  • Shift openings could be for the same-day or for a few days later.
  • Shift postings contain essential details needed by a Job Seeker to start working as soon as possible.
  • Job Seekers apply to shifts based on the skills and experience they have, and that Employers want.
  • Employers assess a Job Seeker’s profile and experience, make contact, confirm and give instructions so that he/she can arrive on-site ready to work.
  • Job Seekers can maintain connections through the Portal and get “first dibs” on future shifts and gigs.
  • Shift postings expire after 7 days.
Regular Job Post:
  • Job posts are for regular part-time, full-time, apprenticeships, and other types of long-term positions.
  • Job posts contain greater details.
  • Employers & Job Seekers expect a complete and thorough vetting and interview process.
  • Job postings expire after 30 days.
  1. QuickShift postings show a timestamp so it is clear which posts are recent.
  2. All postings are available in the Portal immediately after Employers review and confirm each post.
  3. Chat in real-time in the Portal.
  4. Job Seekers can apply to any regular job and pick-up QuickShift side-gigs if they want to.
  5. The calendar in the Portal helps Job Seekers get QuickShift matches when they set-up their availability – it also helps Employers to make offers to any available candidate.
  6. Save your favorite Job Seeker or Employer for future opportunities.
  7. Employers can send attachments and other details for Job Seekers to get started immediately.
  8. Use the MAP VIEW to get a better idea of where shifts are located in town.
  9. Job Seekers can create several custom alerts to get notified when regular jobs or QuickShifts are posted.
QuickShift Convenience

To post a QuickShift you need at least six things:

  • 1. Job Title/Position; 2. Job Sector/Category; 3. Job Location & City; 4. Job Description & Details; 5. Shift Start/End Times; and 6. the Number of Workers needed.
  • With one QuickShift post, you can setup a maximum of 3 different shifts, all for the same day or each shift can happen on different days. And, you can specify a maximum of 5 workers for each shift.  (See the examples in the charts below)
  • Whether you embed 1, 2, or 3 shifts in a single QuickShift posting, the savings are clear with one low cost.
  • Save additional time by duplicating or creating drafts so that you can post them in the future. Creating duplicates and drafts is FREE.
  • Be proactive and reach out to any Job Seeker in the Portal who fits your needs. A one-time low fee opens up full access to a Job Seeker’s profile and maintains your access to chat features and tools for as long as you are each using the Portal.
  • Keep organized. Our calendar tracks the QuickShifts you’ve posted and the interviews you’ve scheduled with your prime candidates.


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EXAMPLE 1 – 3 Shifts on different days
Shift Date/Time No. of workers
August 27, 2021 @ 4pm to 11pm 5
August 28, 2021 @ 4pm to 11pm 5
August 29, 2021 @ 4pm to 11pm 5
EXAMPLE 2 – 3 shifts on the same day
Shift Date/Time No. of workers
August 27, 2021 @ 10am to 6pm 5
August 27, 2021 @ 2pm to 10pm 5
August 27, 2021 @ 6pm to 2am 5


  • Do you have a regular job with steady hours BUT you have time and want to pick-up some extra hours? – Use QuickShift to see what’s available near you using the Portal’s Map View
  • Are you looking for a part-time or full-time position BUT you need a few shifts along the way? – Use QuickShift as often as you like WHILE applying for other jobs in the Portal.
  • Do you thrive on variety, love your freedom, and desire flexibility? – Use QuickShift as your exclusive avenue to the latest offerings because…well, that’s what your skills, talent, and experience are for!
  • Are you a student? Are you able to work a limited number of hours per week?  – Use QuickShift to score new opportunities, “get your foot in the door”, and supplement your school and personal needs.
QuickShift give a Freedom

Questions & Answers

  1. When an Employer has a shift to be filled immediately (same-day) or soon (in a couple of days or the coming weekend), they post that shift as a “QuickShift” in the Portal.
  2. Employers need that shift filled as soon as possible – the “normal” interview and selection process can be much faster depending on an Employer’s needs and time constraints.
  3. A Job Seeker’s skills, talent, and work experience, in addition to his/her proximity to the job site, can factor into the competitive nature of who an Employer approves for a particular shift.
  4. A Job Seeker applying for a QuickShift within the Portal agrees to the conditions and information about the shift and he/she you will show up to the jobsite ready to work with approval/confirmation from an Employer.
  1. Each Employer will provide specific steps and procedures related to your working relationship with them.
  1. Job Seekers do not pay for the QuickShift feature. QuickShift is a standard tool available immediately for you to use in the Portal and it’s FREE!
  1. QuickShift is a standard tool available immediately for Employers to use in the Portal. Employers pay a low fee for each QuickShift that they confirm and post in the Portal.  Draft versions can be created for FREE, but they will not be “live” and accessible to Job Seekers in the Portal.
  2. Embedded in each QuickShift post is the powerful ability to include 1, 2 or 3 individual shift dates and times. Along with that, Employers can specify how many workers are needed for each shift – there is a maximum of 5 workers for each individual shift.
  1. If you have a QuickShift post and you embedded 3 shifts, for example: one starts Monday, one starts Tuesday and the last shift starts on Wednesday, all 3 embedded shifts would expire 7 days from the date that this one QuickShift is posted and is “live” in the Portal.
  1. An entire QuickShift post expires 7 days after it posted and is “live” and accessible to Job Seekers in the Portal. This 7-day “countdown” starts from the second a shift posting becomes “live” in the Portal.
  2. A QuickShift post can “last” or is available depending on the start date/time of the shift. A posting can “last” until an Employer has found Job Seekers who are then approved to take the shifts.
  3. In general, a series of posted shifts may not “last” very long because they are available to any qualified Job Seeker in the Portal. There is strong competition applying for any given shift opportunity.
  1. From the ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS page, you can create custom alerts with the specifications you want so that you can keep up with the latest shift postings in the Portal.  Job Seekers who include their skills in their Profile also have a greater chance of being matched up with specific jobs and shifts.
  2. Employers can keep up-to-date with Job Seekers who match the specific criteria and skills they’ve outlined in any job or shift posting.

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